Vis Plantis is a family-owned company founded in 2011. Effectiveness of our products has been achieved by years of experience, scientifically proven solutions, and the commitment, reliability and honesty that guide us. We are convinced that it is not the high price of a product that determines its quality, but its efficacy and customer satisfaction.

Our brands


so!flow is a line of cosmetics with unique fruity fragrances, which, thanks to its ingredients, will take care not only of skin and hair, but also spiritual balance. Carefully selected active ingredients will take care of healthy, moisturized, radiant and soft hair and skin, while the content of adaptogens will positively influence the harmony of the mind. The brand’s portfolio includes products tailored to different types of hair porosity.

Pharma Care combines the power of herbs, known for generations, with unique active ingredients such as biotin, urea and niacinamide. Being eco-friendly and acting in the spirit of less waste is important to us, so we have opted for large, economical capacities to reduce the amount of disposed waste. The bottles come 100% from recycled plastics and are fully recyclable.

What is simple and natural is best for us, which is why we use extracts from herbs and grains in Secret Garden by Vis Plantis cosmetics. On the packaging we inform about the percentage of natural ingredients, because it is from them that the brand draws its strength . In the portfolio you will find products for comprehensive face, body and hair care.

Element is a brand of cosmetics based on innovative ingredients that have been new discoveries in the world of cosmetology. Thanks to their thoughtful design, they attract with their appearance, as well as high performance. The brand offers products dedicated to both women and men, developed under the dedicated Element Men line.

Vis Plantis Professional is a brand created for comprehensive, professional hair care that can be experienced both in the comfort of your own home and at a hair salon. Within each line, in addition to the standard capacity, there are also more economical, bigger containers. The products are free of SLS and SLES.

A brand of cosmetics designed to care for problematic, sensitive, dry and atopic skin. You will find both products that reduce the feeling of itching and burning, soothe irritation and minimize the feeling of dryness, as well as cosmetics normalizing sebum secretion, which will ensure the proper balance of bacterial flora and help restore the skin to a healthy balance.

 Gift of Nature is a brand of vegan cosmetics available at an affordable price, providing comprehensive care for the face, body and hair, which enchants users with natural composition, beautiful fragrances and original design. You will find products with a high content of ingredients of natural origin (up to 99%!).

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